The Association is the controlling body of all male amateur golf in Zimbabwe.It is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote golfing
excellence at all levels and across all social classes without regard whatsoever
to the racial, political, religious, gender or moral persuasion or affiliation of its members, and strives to ensure the observance and maintenance
of discipline and the traditions of Golf.

Main Objectives

Development and maintenance of golf infrastructure and facilities in all the country’s Provinces by encouraging private and public

investments in golf sporting facilities;

Promoting awareness and interest in golf among all Zimbabweans with focus on all communities, rural ,urban , schools, colleges and
universities etc:
Providing skills development opportunities for all through participation in local, provincial, national, regional, international, Pro-Ams and Open Championships tournaments.

Demystify the sport, create world champions and Enhance the golf industry

Promote, control, advance, encourage and foster the game of golf in Zimbabwe in close consultation and liaison with the Zimbabwe Ladies Golf

Union and the Zimbabwe Professional Golfers’ Associations in the interests of the sport, its members and players

Provide a platform for other Federations and other golf unions to foster golf sporting relationships


Harare Provincial Golf Union,  President : Dr David Mutopo—0774055807

Manicaland Provincial Golf Union, Contact :Poly Crewe–0772370353

Matabeleland Provincial Golf Union, President : Victor Suerga–0773666665

Midlands Provincial Golf Union, President : Staline Masiya :0773204933

Mashonaland West Provincial Golf Union, President : Shaibu Changanani–0772395744

Masvingo Provincial Golf Union, President : Eddie Makovere–0772985994

Mash East and Central Golf Union, defunct

Management Committee

President—- Mufaro Chivonivoni–0775542570

Vice Presidents— Martin Chikwana–0773765827

Secretary— Lazarus Clever—0772858555

Treasurer—Clayton Kazembe—0772129315

Golf development officer—Boniface Chigorimbo–0774368691

Publicity officer—Ephraim Mashingaidze—0773262208

Committee member—Dr David Mutopo—0775167662